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Pre-season workshop series (free)

What is the 'workshop series'
Improving your 'on-field' skills such as batting, bowling, wicket keeping and fielding is only part of the overall development as a cricketer. Having a positive and healthy mindset is important too and in order to develop your so called 'off field' skills the Perth Cricket Academy offers a series of workshops to help you with your off-field skills. We feel the chosen topics are important to address during pre-season. 

The workshops are all free and can be joined online via Microsoft Teams (no account needed). Once registered via the form below you will be send a link to the meeting and you can join in on the day. We would encourage parents to join in as well. The workshops go for 45 min and are age appropriate.

Dates, time & topics
Mon 25 July  7pm  | Goal setting & action plans
Mon 8 Aug    7pm  | Dealing with anxiety
Mon 12 Sep   7pm  | Being in the zone


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