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'Joel really enjoyed the PCA holiday program, if he had his way he'd have done the second week as well!’ (Jo van D)

'Since star
ting with her PCA Coach, Sophie has gained so much confidence in her cricket! Thank you so much' (Kate P)

'Eddie has really enjoyed the program and he feels he has learnt a lot from all the coaches. The small group enabled him to work on his whole game. He’s already looking forward to the next program'
(Sinead T) 

'Thanks also for the great pre-season coaching, Jordan got a lot out of it and really enjoyed the sessions. The coaches were very friendly and professional with a lot of knowledge and skills they shared on all aspects of the game'
(Hayley L)
Tom had a ball of fun and learnt a lot around refining his skills. I may be up for some new wicket keeper gloves now! I was also very impressed with Coach Louis and his coaching over the three days. Overall very impressed and we would love to come back.
(Joshua L)

'The pre-season skill program was very well organised and Zach enjoyed his time'
(Sally L)
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