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What is the Big Smash
The Big Smash is an action packed 8-a-side day tournament held at Prendiville College in Ocean Reef. Teams will play against each other throughout the day to become Big Smash champion and year long bragging rights!

What age groups can play?
There are two age groups who can register. On Monday 17 Jan, the U12s will play and on
Wednesday 19 Jan the U14s will play against each others. If more teams want to join, we will play on Tuesday 18 Jan and Thursday 20 Jan as well.

What are the age limits?
For the U12 age group you need to be playing in a U12 (or younger) competition this season. For the U14 age group, you need to be playing in an U14 (or younger) competition this season. Unfortunately, we can't make any age exemptions for these age groups.

What if I want to play but don't have a team? 
If you don't mind to play with other players in an 'All Stars' team then you can register your personal interest with us via email. If we have enough players for a team, we will make up a Perth Cricket Academy team which will compete on the day. The cost for individuals is $125 which includes a playing shirt. You can also book your spot in straight away via this link.

What are the timings?
On all days, all teams and players are expected to be on ground at 8am for a briefing and a group warm-up before the games start at 8.30am. The top two teams will play against each other in the final which will be finished by 3pm.

How many players can play in a team?
The teams are 8 a side, but maximum 10 players can sign up per team. Players 9 and 10 will rotate in and out and can bat or bowl during the game too. Only 8 fielders are allowed at the time though.

How many games do we play?
Each team will play 4 games as a minimum across the two ovals. Four teams will be playing at the same time while one team will have a bye. During the bye, you can train in the nets, chill out in the shade or watch the other games.
After all teams have played each other, t
he top four teams will play and extra game (1 v 2 and 3 v 4) to decide the final placings. The fifth placed team will get a 45 min skill workshop from one of the PCA coaches while the other teams are playing their last game. 

What is the cost and how do I register?
The cost per team per day is $800 and will be required to paid up front via this link. A team manager will be required to be the main contact for the booking and for communication purposes. On the day, the PCA coaches will assist with batting and bowling orders and other logistics. Individual players can register too. Cost is $125 per player.

What are the rules?
The rules will be confirmed shortly and expect a little twist. Watch this space.

What gear do we use and what do we wear?
Players are required to bring their own gear. The Perth Cricket Academy will provide pink match balls and all other equipment on the day. Teams can decide to wear their own club uniforms or another type of uniform as long as you all look the same!

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